Welcome !

First of all, thank you for your interest in my blog.

My name is Antoine Soetewey.

As a data scientist, I am passionate about (big) data, predictive analytics, econometrics, technology, etc. While working on and reading about many different data science projects, I realized that I was inspired by projects that have a positive impact on the world and the society as a whole. In particular, I was fascinated by the potential positive impact of a combination between data science techniques/tools and the increasing amount of data surrounding us. For instance, I am thrilled to work on missions related to health and educational issues. I also get excited every time I hear someone initiating such kind of work.

After some research, I found out that applying data science for social good is referred as data for good. However, this concept is rather unknown in the field of data science as it is often overwhelmed by more “classic” type of research (e.g., churn rate and customer engagement in marketing analysis, credit risk in finance, product demand prediction in retail, etc.).

I thus decided to create this blog in order to keep learning for myself in the first place, but also to fill the gap between the increasing importance of data for good projects and its relatively poor presence on internet. This website is thus aimed at collecting and presenting relevant information about data for good to interested people.

If you’d like to know more about myself as a person, don’t hesitate to visit my personal website.

If you are interested in doing something interesting together, please contact me. And finally, if like me, you’re passionate about data for good and would like to contribute to this website, feel free to ask me.


Enjoy !